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Policy Administration Services

Policy Administration Services Limited (PAS) administers your insurance policy on behalf of London General Insurance Company Limited.

Policy Administration Services Limited administers your premierplan policy. We only administer policies for Phones 4u customers; therefore we are solely focused on the service that we provide to you.

Mobile Phone Insurance

You can find out exactly what the policy covers you for by referring to your policy terms and conditions. Please click here to view a copy of the latest terms and conditions for premierplan.

If you have a different level of cover, please login to "My Premierplan Account" for your terms and conditions.

For further detail on our claim's process, including who you need to contact, please click here

If you have any problems, please click here to contact our Customer Services team.

You have the right to cancel your insurance at any time. The policy is separate from your airtime contract and will not end when your airtime contract does. If the policy does not meet your requirements, please telephone our Customer Services team as soon as possible. We recommend you regularly review your cover to ensure it’s still right for you. If you cancel your policy, you will be covered for the month you have paid for. If you have not made a payment cover will end immediately.

Claims are assessed over the phone, and where possible are accepted on the initial call. You will need a payment card to pay your excess and we may need to request other supporting documents for your claim.

It’s not possible to give a specific time for any particular repair, as the length of time taken depends upon the type of repair required. However, if we are unable to complete a repair within 3 working days, we will contact you to discuss what we need to do next.

As part of our customer service, we will contact our designated specialists on your behalf, and will provide you with a progress report.

A replacement handset will be sent to the delivery address you state on your claim form. Your handset will be delivered by courier and will require a signature upon receipt; please consider whether you will be available to sign for the delivery when specifying your chosen delivery address.

Of course we can – just enter your work address in the alternative delivery address section on the claim form.

We’ll certainly try our best but in some cases, an identical handset (for example, make, model and/or colour) may be unavailable. If this happens, a replacement handset of equal or greater specification will be sent to you (at the discretion of Policy Administration Limited).

The reason we ask for an excess payment is to enable us to keep your monthly payments as cheap as possible.

Policy Administration Services Limited, a Phones 4u group company.
Registered in England No. 3907386. Registered Office: Central Square, 8th Floor 29 Wellington Street, Leeds, LS1 4DL.
Policy Administration Services Limited (FRN 307406) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.